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Gary Goranson is the founder and President of WorkEnders, Inc. based in Boynton Beach, Florida. Born in Ottawa, Canada in 1942, Mr. Goranson's career spans over five decades in direct sales, retail. OEM and the service sector, most of which involved helping thousands of individuals to start and manage their own businesses.

Gary Goranson

Started his first business at 21 years of age. In 1964 at the age of 21, starting with $37 and 12 vacuum cleaners on consignment, Mr. Goranson opened a direct sales distributorship in Winnipeg, Canada. From this humble beginning, he hired and trained individuals to become managers and sub-distributors across Western Canada and built an organization of over 300 sales people and 6 of his own offices and 16 sub distributors from Vancouver, British Columbia to Thunder Bay, Ontario. Before leaving the direct sales business in 1970 his organization had sold over 40,000 vacuum cleaners on a door-to-door basis.

Gained retail and O.E.M. Experience. In 1971 he accepted the challenge to head up a new retail chain in Canada to establish a network of stores selling Magnavox home entertainment products in the greater Toronto area. Colorama TV became that country's largest Magnavox dealer two years after launch.

After three years in the retail business, Gary was offered the position of Magnavox Regional Manager covering an area from Toronto, east to Ottawa and north to Sault St. Marie in the province of Ontario, Canada in 1974. Out of a total of 8 divisions in Canada, Gary's division accounted for 25% of all Magnavox sales in Canada during his last 6 months with the company.

Turning adversity into opportunity. Gary might still have been with Magnavox to this day if it had not merged with North American Phillips in the fall of 1975. He and all Magnavox of Canada employees were let go in October of that year. However, the loss of his management position with Magnavox turned out to be fortuitous. For some time he had been thinking about an idea for a new business concept. Now that he was out of work it was the perfect time to explore this concept. In 1976 he founded TIDY CAR, a mobile car polishing and detailing business. Within just a few months Gary had 100 part- and full-time mobile operators on call in the Toronto area and saw the opportunity to train other entrepreneurs to clone his concept.


Gary was featured in the 1980 book, THE ENTREPRENEURS - Twelve Who Took Risks and Succeeded, along with W. Clement Stone, Mary Kay Ash and 9 other industry leaders of their day. His chapter explored his creation of TIDY CAR, which he founded in 1976 and built into a worldwide company of more than 2,000 franchises in 38 countries in just four years.

Built a world-wide franchise network. Gary began offering franchises for under $1,500 across Canada in 1977 and expanded to chemical manufacturing plant in Canada, had a distribution center in 38 countries around the world, including the USA, Australia, Canada, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Guam, Kuwait, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Holland, Panama, Curacao, Aruba, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and 18 others. Gary's story was depicted in the Harper and Rowe book "The Entrepreneurs" by Robert L. Shook, along with numerous national periodicals such as Success, Entrepreneur, Money, USA Today and many others. Gary relocated the company's headquarters to Boca Raton, Florida in 1984. He sold the company in 1988 (now Ziebart Tidy Car).

Took on the residential cleaning industry in 1991. Following the sale of Tidy Car, Gary spent the next three years in semi-retirement accepting the occasional consulting assignment. In 1991 after being approached by one of his former franchisees about the potential in the house cleaning business, he founded WorkEnders, Inc. The company began offering residential cleaning franchises in 1992 and expanded into several states. Once again Gary was showing budding entrepreneurs how to start a business with a modest investment and grow it into one doing several hundred thousand dollars annually.

Gary can help you, too. Gary's decades of experience in teaching others how to build a successful business, developing and implementing manuals and training programs - including over 19 years in the residential cleaning business specifically, qualifies him as an authority on the courses included in the House Cleaning Biz 101© program. This comprehensive course is now available to you at a mere fraction of the cost of investing in a franchise. If you're in the house cleaning business and want to be the leader in your community, or are considering starting a residential cleaning business, your small, onetime investment could well make a gargantuan difference in your success. "House Cleaning Biz 101© will teach you everything that you need to know!"


It still amazes me when I hear from former franchisees with emails like the following received June 22, 2013:

Gary...I can't tell you how surprised I was when I came across you in a Google search. I've been thinking a lot about the past lately and Googled Tidy Car and BAM!! there you were. It's been a long time but I still think about the opportunity you gave me when I bought my Tidy Car franchise for Cranbrook, BC and area. The experience was incredible and it has helped shape my life since 1977! Between you and Syd Brody. Wow! changed my life. Not surprised by the fact that you are still so successful since you have this incredible ability to transfer your enthusiasm and positive attitude to others so easily. It's good to connect with you again. All my best to you, Camille, and your family. I hope to keep in touch with you. Thank you for the way you have changed my life since Tidy Car from '77 to '85/


Bruce Chappell