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Ten of the Ways House Cleaning Biz 101 Can Benefit YOU

  1. Trial and error is expensive and time-consuming. The program condenses decades of the author's personal trial and error into 12 hours of audio-visual presentations broken into 37 individual audio-visual sessions on 4 CDs, which you can view on your own computer at your convenience.

  2. For those new to the house cleaning business, the 4 sessions under "Getting Started RIGHT" provide valuable guidelines for setting out on the right footing.  In fact, experienced owners have found the model business plan to be of invaluable assistance because it offers known factors as a benchmark'

  3. The Achilles Heel for most owners, both new and established, is pricing for profit while remaining competitive with other professional cleaning companies.  You will learn how to accurately calculate the time a given home will take to clean and then use the exclusive POM=CP home cleaning pricing formula to determine the custom price for each job.

  4. The fastest way to plow through cash is via ineffective and inefficient marketing activities.  This course explores all the options and identifies what has proven to be the most effective and efficient advertising media over more than 20 years in this industry.

  5. You'll learn how to convert an average of 80% of telephone inquiries into serious prospects and an average of 75% of those prospects into regular, weekly or biweekly clients.  Attracting regular, repeat, profitable and long-term clients is the key to long-term growth and prosperity for your business.

  6. Since you cannot build a large company without attracting quality employees, 6 hours and 17 sessions are devoted to workforce development.  Making hiring decisions by "gut feel" is folly you can't afford.  You will learn a 5-step recruiting process using quantifiable criteria will minimize hiring mistakes and headaches.

  7. Various cleaning worker compensation methods are identified and you'll be shown why one of them is recommended over all the others.  You will also see how cleaning labor must be the anchor to arriving at your cleaning price in the POM=CP cleaning price formula.  The objective is to pay the most that you can;  not the least you can get away with.

  8. Training is a key element to building a successful cleaning business.  Part of the program consists of 6 audio-visual technical sessions your employees can watch on a computer c/w interactive quizzes.  This is accompanied by a 61-page manual and training handouts which can be printed out for each employee.

  9. Safety training is a major concern to OSHA and some states require it even if you only have one employee.  However, the safety and well-being of your employees is simply good business.  The program includes a model OSHA-compliant Safety Program, making it quick and easy for you to implement.

  10. Human Resource Management is not something most small business owners have been schooled in.  From beginning to end, this course will provide you with the knowledge and expertise to master the skills necessary to build and manage a large, loyal and tenured workforce - IF you learn and apply the material.

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